The Watch This Story

Partnering to create videos that connect with viewers.

Marketing using video is in a whole new era. The days of the 10 minute corporate video with recycled local talent are long over. What moves viewers to lock on to your brand are well crafted stories that are authentic, that inspire and connect. Watch This Productions is looking to develop on-going partnerships with businesses, artisans, families, and anyone looking to showcase their own evolving story.

I've been working in the video industry for nearly twenty years.  Wether it's with Ad Agencies on national  commercials, or Emmy Award winning TV shows, developing an original TV Series, or a company web video, I've honed the craft of how to tell a concise and compelling message using the power of video. I started Watch This Productions to support those who need high quality, well crafted videos that get views and leave people wanting to see more.

Today it's important to keep content fresh and up to date. How many times have you viewed a website to see information that is years old? It makes you wonder what else they are behind on. I'd love the chance to strategize with you and see how  we can, together, capture the fresh stories that will continue to move your brand forward. To create that authentic connection, I specialize in the "in your own words" style of storytelling. Think of a mini documentary. Drawing out the message through interviews and powerful images and audio.

So... spend some time and check out sample videos to get a sense of the quality and care that goes into making a video that will get views. And hopefully it will result in someone saying ... Watch This! 


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