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The Fenske family motto drives everything they do. Learn how they have taken that mission to provide a family for several children around the world thru adoption. The client wanted a video for a crowdfunding campaign.


Adullam Outreach Center is a truly unique and authentic outreach with an approach to helping people in one of the most difficult population areas in the state of Wisconsin.

The Kuhl family established their farm in 1919. Three generations of Kuhl family members are still working it today. Tyler Kuhl is the current generation and will carry the farm thru the 100 year mark. This is a preview of a longer video piece for the family to enjoy.

Kara Ginther is a talented and unique leather artist in Columbus, Wi. Her style, approach, quality and one of a kind work is getting her national attention. 

Omega Grande product video with Omega Fields spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen. She talks about her success with Omega Fields Omega Grande complete supplement on her horses.

Samaritan's Hand is a faith-based alcohol and drug rehab clinic in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Their unique and comprehensive approach works to bring life back to individuals, families, and the community. 

A music soundtrack helps showcase images of the Phillips family and their beautiful baby daughter, Lilia. 


Madison leather worker, Alicia Jepsen designs and hand crafts leather goods. Each item is individually cut, dyed, and stitched by hand.

Glacier Springs Owner, David Smits, explains how he got into SUP's and how his company is helping build community and get people active and enjoying the lakes.

Created to highlight Amy's pregnancy images and thoughts all the way thru the birth of baby Benjamin. This maternity/ newborn video captures the joy and emotion for the family's new addition. 

Client: Dr. Ehlers

Project: This overview video will help potential patients understand what sets Dr. Ehlers' clinic apart from other health care providers. 

Client: Dr. Ehlers

Project: This patient video tells the story of Amy and how treatment under Dr. Ehlers' care saved her from the pain of infertility. 

Client: Omega Fields

Project: 30second TV Spot airing nationally on RFDTV. The goal was to hear from actual product users about the variety of benefits the product has for their horses.


Client: Omega Fields

Project: Create a short web video featuring Charlene and how her horses benefit from using Omega Horseshine. 

Client: Omega Fields

Project: Create a short web video featuring Alexis and her use of Omega Nibblers cookies and how they benefit her horses.


Client: Comply 365

Project: Software launch event video at O'hare International Airport. The goal was to capture the feel of the event, ease of implementation, and encourage airlines to offer this new technology for their crews.


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